CNC Ballbar analysis & testing by LMTS engineering

CNC Ballbar Analysis shows the true machine accuracy. Call us to have your machine tested.

Ballbar Analysis

Ballbar analysis testing kit used by LMTS CNC & Manual Machine Repairs

Testing & Analysis

We can perform a Ballbar Analysis Test to determine the machine's overall positional accuracy.

In theory, if a CNC machine's positioning performance was perfect, a circle traced out by the machine would exactly match its programmed circular path. However several errors can arise, potentially causing the machine to deviate from the programmed circle path. We can help remedy this with testing and analysis.

Data Capture & Analysis

We can provide Ballbar data capture & analysis. Helping and adjusting any of the following: Backlash, reversal spikes, lateral play, cyclic error, straightness, scale error, servo mismatch and squareness . Get your machine back on track quickly with LMTS CNC Engineers.

Ballbar data capture and anlysis. Diagnostics and testing done by LMTS CNC & Manual Machine Repairs
Ballbar analysis and test results. Preventative and predicitive maintenance systems

Test Results

Ballbar testing can be used as part of a preventative maintenance program and, or predictive maintenance system. It can also be used to find the optimal feed rate of the machine. We can advise of the need for this and offer support and guidance.